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Includes chlorine treatments, ph balancing, cleaning debris from skimmer baskets and pump baskets, brushing tile, walls and steps, skimming the surface water, vacuuming when needed and checking the equipment.

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  • Pool service starting at just $25.00 a week

  • Proactive pool maintenance that extends the life of your pool

  • Pool repairs and parts replacement

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  • 18 Years of experience



The chemicals need to be checked every week due to the fact that chemicals only last 7 days. With a high pH, chlorine can only be effective at a 10% rate. If the alkalinity is low or high that can have an effect on how the sanitizers perform. Monitoring the TDS level will have an effect on balancing the water which is different from sanitation, although related. If you have a salt system, the cell needs to be monitored due to the calcification that occurs. This will have a direct effect on the sanitation output. If you have a sand or DE filter, these need to be backwashed/cleaned on a regular basis so you get the maximum filtration that is needed. Checking and emptying out the skimmer baskets and pump baskets are crucial. If the debris gets through these then it can clog the pump and the circulation will be at a minimum and potentially cause big problems. Brushing the walls and tile line will help eliminate algae problems and it will also keep the plaster nice and smooth.



Our repair department is quick to respond, honest, and competitively priced, so rest assured you're in good hands with CPS. If repairs go on without being fixed then other problems can occur. For instance, your pool light gasket is leaking water in the fixture. If that doesn’t get addressed, the water can actually damage the entire fixture and triple repair costs. If a damaged pump basket gets overlooked and not replaced, the clogged debris can burn the motor up. If a leaking seal doesn’t get fixed right away water can get through and burn the motor up that way too. Repairs need to be addressed a.s.a.p. and CPS addresses such issues immediately!

Whether it’s the swim season or the cold, leaves dropping season, no need to worry CPS SHOWS UP EVERY WEEK.

*Repairs done via 3rd party

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